MECControl Starter Pack

Get started with MECControl the easy way with this starter pack!

All of the components come pre-wired with leads so that you can start using them right away — no soldering required!

Here’s what you get:

  • The MECControl software which gives you an intuitive language to control Meccanoid devices, DC motors, stepper motors, LEDs, relays, solenoids, potentiometers, buttons and switches connected to your Arduino/Genuino Uno from your Windows PC. You can find out more about the software in the Help section.
  • An Arduino/Genuino-compatible Uno R3 board with the MECControl firmware pre-installed.
  • A USB lead for connecting the Arduino/Genuino-compatible Uno R3 board to your Windows PC.
  • An L298 H bridge module able to control up to two motors, four relays or solenoids, or one stepper motor.
  • Six 0.1µF ceramic capacitors should you need to suppress electrical noise from your motors, relays or solenoids (soldering required).
  • Two microswitches with 1m leads.
  • One red and one black jumper wire to 4-way socket.
  • A 30cm power lead for supplying 12V DC to the L298 H bridge module.

Minimum requirements

  • A PC running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
  • A 12V DC power supply able to provide enough current for the L298 H bridge module and any motors, relays, solenoids or stepper motors that you wish to control.

How to download the software

Add the starter pack to your shopping basket and then check out. Once you have successfully paid you will be provided with a link where you can download the software.

By purchasing and using this software you agree to the terms in the end user license agreement.

Current version: 1.6.1 for Windows

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