This switch has a built-in 10kΩ pulldown resistor. You can connect it directly to your Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega, or a breadboard, without soldering using the pins attached to the lead, and then control it from MECControl.


The blue lead may be connected to any of the digital pins on your Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega, labelled 2-13 on the Uno and 2-53 on the Mega. They can also be connected to any of the analogue pins, labelled A0-A5 on the Uno and A0-A15 on the Mega.

The red lead should be connected to a 5V DC power supply, with the black lead connected to ground (a voltage of 0V).


Mounting hole diameter: 2mm
Distance between mounting hole centres: 9mm
Body length: 20mm
Body width: 6mm
Lever length: 18mm
Lever width: 4mm

Lead length options

Lead lengths of approximately 50cm, 1m or 1.5m are available.

Please contact me if you would like a custom length or design.

Available in 3 lead lengths
One in stock