32nd International Meccano Model Show DVD

The annual International Meccano Model Show in Skegness is the largest Meccano event in the UK, attracting exhibitors from all over the world.

This DVD features footage of 121 models from the 2013 show and is split into ten segments: Agriculture and Industry; Clocks and Orreries; Cranes; Fairground and Circus; Landmarks; Meccanographs; Military; Novelties; Stationary Engines; Transport.

Also included is the presentation of The Issigonis Shield.

Total running time: 68 minutes
Region: 0 (worldwide)

Featured Models

  Agriculture and Industry
Automatic Coal Loader/Unloader
Dutch Windmill
Mercedes-Benz Bulk Cement Carrier — 5th prize
Bucket Wheel Excavator
Abraham Darby's Ironbridge Blast Furnace
Steam-Powered Lawn Mower
Builders Yard
Goods Warehouse with Electric Lift
Skip Lorry
Self-Driven Sewing Machine
Rio Tinto Tipping Truck
JCB Loadall Telehandler
American 10-Wheel Tractor
JCB 712 Articulated Dump Truck
Various Models
Leyland Octopus Cattle Truck
Small Excavator
Ploughing Engines
Building Site

Clocks and Orreries
Ball Rolling Clock Mk II
Nautical Skeleton Clock
Harrison's Marine Timekeeper Nº 2
Quartz Skeleton Clock
Clock with Square Gears
Arnfield and Weight-Driven, Self-Winding Clocks
Skeleton Clock
Geocentric Earth-Venus-Sun Orrery
Chiming and Striking Clock

Fairground and Circus
Parachute Jump, Coney Island Amusement Park
Ferris Wheel
The Cakewalk
Showman's Engine
Ferris Wheel
Circus Train
The Waltzer

Blackpool Tower
Seven Wonders of the World: — 2nd prize
   The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
   The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
   The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
   The Great Lighthouse at Pharos (Alexandria)
   The Colossus of Rhodes
   The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
   The Great Pyramid of Giza

EmbroideryGraph Mk 1
Colour Meccanograph
T-Form Meccanograph

Lancaster B.III (Special) Type 464 Provisioning Aeroplane
"The Duck" GMC DUKW 353 Amphibious Vehicle
6-Inch Howitzer with Limber and Tractor
Crossley Q Foam and CO2 Tender
WWII Aircraft Control Tower
Mk IV Tank
Bedford QL Fire Tender and Dennis Nº 2 Trailer Pump
RML 7-Inch, 7-Ton Gun on Moncrieff Carriage
Tiger Moth Aeroplane
Turbo-Union RB199 Tornado GR1 IDS Aeroplane Engine
1918 French RFC/RAF Aerodrome Diarama
The Wem Treacle Mine
Crazy Gears
The Beasty
Three Yarn French Knitting Machine
Marble Machine
The Sleeping Meccanoman
Racing Car Game
Ball Roller
Cyclic Colour Mixer
The Amazing Acrobot
A Working Meccano Thingumabob
French Knitting Machine
Golf Swing Statues
The Do Nothing Machine
Climbing Man Game
The Limited Gymnast
The Happy Wanderer
3D Meccano Magazine Cover
The Loopy Stuntman
Ping Pong Ball Roller
Shooting Gallery Game
Automatic Tubular Knitting Machine

Stationary Engines
Triple-Expansion Steam Engine
Savage Centre Engine
Twin-Cylinder Tumbling Beam Engine
Bray Side-Rod Engine
Stuart and Turner Beam Engine
Twin-Cylinder Steam Engine and Generators
Kientz's Single-Cylinder Oscillating Steam Engine
Single-Cylinder Vertical Steam Engine
Beam Engine

"Remembrance" Brighton Baltic Nº 333 Locomotive — 1st prize
Routemaster Bus
The "Convoy" Collection:
   Toll Booth
   "The Rubber Duck" in a Kenworth Pullin' Logs
   (Kenworth Log Transporter)
   A Cab-over Pete with a Reefer on
   (Peterbilt Tractor Unit and Refrigerated Trailer)
   "Sodbuster" in a Chartreuse Microbus (Volkswagen Type 2)
   "Pig Pen" in a Jimmy Haulin' Hogs (GMC Truck)
Lamborghini Countach LP500S V12 Engine and Transmission
"King George V" GWR 4-6-0 Nº 6000 Locomotive
Open Tourer Car
Kawasaki KZ1000P Motorcycle
Optare Minibus
Morgan 3-Wheel Sports Car
Cliff Railway
Car Chassis Promotional Display Models
"Duchess of Hamilton" Locomotive — 3rd prize
Motor Coach
Big Mog Truck
Motorcycle and Sidecar
Baltic Tank Locomotive
Mini 1275S Car
Various Models
Steam-Powered Rail Car (L, M, S and XS sizes)

Burrell Steam Crane Tractor
Equilibrium Balance Crane
Giant Block-Setting Crane
Willeme CG 8 x 4 Auto Grue — 4th prize
Coles Hydra 10-Ton Lorry Mounted Crane
Electric Travelling Crane

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