The Magic of Meccano Show 2012 DVD

The London Museum of Water and Steam (formerly Kew Bridge Steam Museum) is the ideal setting for a Meccano Show, its massive beam engines surrounded by Meccano models.

On this DVD you'll find footage of 61 models from the 2012 show including cranes, bridges, planes, trains and, of course, beam engines!

Total running time: 23 minutes
Region: 0 (worldwide)

Featured Models

  Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 Telescopic Crane
Moiré Pattern Maker
Burrell Showman's Fairground Road Locomotive
Jim's Beam Engine
Auto Union Racing Car
Penny Pusher Arcade Game
Leyland Titan TD1 Bus
Funicular Railway
Climax Logging Locomotive
"Waddon" Steam Pumping Engine
Stothert & Pitt DD2 Level Luffing Crane
"Krokodil" Swiss Electric Locomotive
The Rolling Bridge
Racing Car
"Iron Duke" Locomotive
Robotic Arm
Jessop & Appleby Dock Crane
Chaseside Mechanical Shovel
The George Bennie Railplane System
Leyland Titan TD7 Bus
Foden Flat Bed Chain Lorry
Richard Hornsby & Sons 'E' Class Portable Steam Engine
Mac's Magic Windmill
Ford Model 'T' Van
Ferris Wheel Shop Window Display Model
Royal Victoria Dock Bridge
John Fowler K5 Ploughing Engine
Appleby Railway Breakdown Crane
  BRM Car Chassis and Body Outline
Differential Guilloche Meccanograph
John Fowler DNB Steamroller
"The Lightning Leap" Buzz-wire Game
Twin Beam Engine
Volkswagen DSG Transmission
Supermarine Sea Lion II Aeroplane
AEC 'Q' Class Bus
Otaco Tractor
Steam Wagon
Bentley Motor Car
RMS "Titanic" Liner
Australian Road Train
Climax Logging Locomotive
Foden Petrol Tanker
Hudson Motor Car
Locomotive and Tender
Foden Quarry Truck
Super Model 1a Motor Chassis
Mac's Tiny Helicopter
The Bilbao Titan Crane
John Fowler B5 Crane Engine
Delftshavense Schie Bascule Rail Bridge
The Spanish Knight
Sentinel DG8 Waggon
John Fowler R3 Showman's Engine
Tornado IDS Aeroplane

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