MECControl Software

The MECControl software gives you an intuitive language to control Meccanoid devices, DC motors, stepper motors, LEDs, relays, solenoids, potentiometers, buttons and switches connected to your Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega from your Windows PC.

You can find out more about the software in the Help section.

Minimum requirements

  • A PC running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
  • An Arduino/Genuino Uno or Mega with the free MECControl firmware installed.

How to download the software

Add the software to your shopping basket and then check out. No shipping charge will be applied to your order unless you are purchasing other products from our shop. Once you have successfully completed the checkout process you will be provided with a link where you can download the software.

Pay what you want — or nothing!
All support for the MECControl project is gratefully received.

By purchasing and using this software you agree to the terms in the end user license agreement.

Current version: 1.6.1 for Windows

FREE – £25.00
Available in 14 support levels